About Us

Natalie Hailey

Natalie’s background is in proofreading and copy editing for publishing houses. She has worked on a variety of material ranging from political journals to novels and biographies.
She is an English Literature graduate and has a passion for writing. Her skills in this area are well matched to the creation of inspirational content and as she has a keen eye for detail she loves to make sure that text is error free. In her spare time Natalie loves to cook for her family and friends and to learn Italian.



Laura Thornley

Laura is part way through an English Literature degree, as part of which she has done some creative writing, which really helps when content writing as the more creative you are the more fun your site is to read for your customers!
Laura has had her toe in the murky waters of SEO for a very long time but has recently plunged in whole-heartedly and is enjoying the swim!
Working on sites, finding the correct keywords and making enjoyable sentences around them is her idea of fun! Maybe Laura needs to get out more, but at least you can be confident that she will find the right words for your site.


The story goes...

During Natalie’s foray into the world of proofreading websites, it soon became apparent that there was a real demand for bespoke website content, which with Natalie’s love for writing, she was only too happy to accommodate.
It was also clear that clients were keen for their websites to be search engine optimised and that one of the best ways to do that is through the content itself. Enter Laura! Given her knowledge of and general interest in all things ‘tech’ related, Laura began collaborating with Natalie on a selection of projects.
Our love for words combined with a genuine interest in researching developments in SEO soon led to the creation of The Website Doctors, working with over thirty clients in the first four months of trading.