Questions, we all have them...

...Hopefully we can answer yours here.

Why should I have content written for my site?

  • It is important that your site reads well for your customers as they need to feel that they can trust you.
  • It helps your Google rankings. Carefully researched content is great for your SEO due to the right amount of keywords being embedded in your text.
  • Formatted text which is the same throughout with no chaotic blend of capitals etc. will not only help your SEO but will make your site look much more professional.
  • As part of our service, we complete every site with proofreading. Our very own professionally-trained proofreader checks every page to eradicate spelling and grammatical errors.

What industries does The Website Doctors cater to?

We will write content for any website and always enjoy variety. We have a wide range of experiences so far, from the entertainment industry to gutter cleaning!

Will we be able to work together given the physical distance between us?

Of course! We work with people all over the world. We are happy to speak on the phone, Face Time or email and we always keep in regular contact with our clients to update them and discuss things when we need to.

Could you make a report for me outlining the problems on my site?

Yes of course. We understand that not everyone would like the full service, so we do offer a consulting service in which we outline everything that needs attention on your site. Just get in touch for more details.

How do you price the websites you work on?

Although when we initially quote for your site we outline the problems we can see on your site, often there are parts of your site only accessible from your content management system and we can’t outline every little thing. So hopefully this will explain how we make our quotes:

  • We look at the number of products, categories and pages that we can see which need to be content written.
  • We look at how much of the site needs work to unify it, make it look consistent throughout and more professional.
  • We take into account things like extra categories and pages we feel are needed.
  • We think about how much time we feel the site needs. Please bear in mind that in order to make your site successful we need to consider how long it will take to do things like add links, research products, insert the right headings and titles that have the correct keywords and much more.
  • We also take into account the fact that the site needs proofreading. Every site we complete has a final proofread, link check and keyword check to ensure there is nothing we have missed.

Please consider that the national average for content writing is anywhere between £250 and £800 per day, depending on experience. As you can see on this website this is not how we produce our quotes. We don’t price by day or words, instead we look at the site in its entirety and price by the amount of content required for each part of the site. We have done a lot of work in the entertainment industry and so we like to use a bouncy castle analogy to explain this – it may be a two hour bouncy castle party for the client, however, you have to put it up, take it down, clean it before and after, get it rolled up, safety test everything and much more. It is just the same for us – all the behind-the-scenes work takes time.

Will I have to make a payment upfront?

A 25% non-refundable deposit is payable upfront to secure your slot with us. This is because we have to book time in for your work to be completed. The balance is due 10 days before we start work. If you would like to discuss payment options, please get in touch.

Will I have input into the writing of the site?

We always start a project with research, research, research and this includes contacting the client to get as much information as we can. We are so aware that to write good content you need stories and the only person that holds those stories is you! We will also give you chance to feed back your thoughts as we work through the process. So I suppose the answer is... yes!

How long will it take to complete my site?

This is a difficult question as all sites are different shapes and sizes! We always try to accommodate our clients’ requirements where possible. Please contact us and we will take a look at your site and give you further details.

So you have made my site look beautiful! What happens next?

We offer a package where we maintain your site as we understand the importance of keeping content fresh for SEO purposes. We can work on a product or page basis too for those wishing to add more products/pages to their site. Again, this all depends on the site, so please call us to discuss rates.